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The combinatorial systhesis and high throughput screening process

Down-conversion fluorescent nano-crystal

Up-conversion fluorescent nano-crystal

Why Choose Us

Superimaging Technologies Inc. (STI) has successfully conducted multiple research projects for various federal agencies, including NSF, NIH, DOE, NASA, etc. We have also conducted and delivered many developmental projects for commercial clients including VW, GM, Texas Instruments, etc. We would like to extend our invitation to work with strategic collaborators and public funding agencies to rapidly and cost-effectively develop the functional material that bring major commercial opportunities.


The technical team of Superimaging has very extensive R&D experience on high throughput development of various functional materials, including:

  • Phosphors for lighting and displays;
  • Scintillators for X-ray and other high energy particle detectors;
  • Functional inorganic or polymeric coating materials;
  • Nano-materials and nano-composites;

Superimaging Inc is currently pursuing the following two ventures:

  • Develop and commercialize our patented “transparent display” technology, which display digital image or message on an optic-clear emissive screen, with large variable projection and unlimited viewing angles. The paper-thin clear screen can be easily applied to any glass surface.
  • Continuing materials R&D efforts to open up other new commercial opportunities, using our proprietary combinatorial synthesis and high throughput screen method.

About us

Superimaging Inc focus on developing enabling functional materials and nano-materials, which brings disruptively new products and major business opportunities. We employed a proprietary combinatorial synthesis and high throughput screening (HTS) technology , which rapidly prepare and evaluate a large variety of materials for advanced properties in various commercial applications. 

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