Head Up Display

Deliver Any Information * Real Time * on Any Glass Surface!

Security – Military – Transportation – Air Traffic Control – Eliminate Distractions and ENGAGE LIVE with HUD

Imagine turning the entire windshield to a fully transparent display that plays real time content viewable from any angle. We are currently offering the complete developmental kit that helps you build-up full windshield Head-Up Display (fw-HUD) applications on your choice of windshield. For detailed product information or to place an order, contact gene@superimaging.com

Our recent exploration into miniature displays is seen in our HUD OPUS system combining our real time information laser display with our 100% Transparent Thin Film! This is still a work in progress as we are experimenting with various laser displays and tweaking the ones we have. The film remains consistent throughout as completely transparent.

We have recently worked with GM to integrate our technology as described in this movie.

Want More information? Contact gene@superimaging.com

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